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Worm Castings Natures Organic Fertilizer

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Worm Castings Natures Pure Organic Fertilizer

Safe for our Environment!!
Our product is an all purpose, natural fertilizer that comes from nature - with no alterations whatever.

( 1.) Naturally organic and odor free!
( 2.) Will not burn plants - at any concentration! (even the most delicate seed or plant is safe
(4.) Castings also increase the soil's water retention as they contain absorbent organic matter that holds water by the plant's roots.
(5.) Castings contain growth hormones for bigger and more fibrous roots.
(6.) Longer lasting nutrition for plants because of the capsule-like structure of the castings
(7.) Provides a slow release, continuous fertilization. The fact is our Soil Builder is from earthworm castings,our castings are created by Mother Nature herself,
(8.) promoting optimum plant growth as nature intended! Results are so spectacular that we feel confident in offering a 100% money back guarantee
(9.) Has Natural Insect Repellant powers , meaning less or no more CHEMICALS!!

Twin Pack 2 x 4.5 lb bags pure worm castings 19.99 Includes shipping) shipped priority mail

or 15 lb bag 100 PERCENT PURE WORM CASTINGS 27.99 includes shipping) shipped priority mail
or 30lb bag 100% Pure Worm Castings 39.99 (includes shipping) shipped ups ground
or Twin Pack 2 x 30lb bags 100% Pure Worm Castings 79.99(includes shipping) shipped ups ground

Pallet of a 30 LB bags includes 60 - 30LB BAGS 1299.00 Shipping is not included buyer is resposible for shipping on pallet and ton orders

Also available in one ton at 800.00 a ton . buyer takes care of shipping .

more than 1 ton email for for pricing details larry at

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Worm Tea

What is LEC (liquid earthworm castings)? It is an organic soil amendment made from 100% earthworm castings without additives. It is a highly concentrated liquid easily applied through all irrigations/drip systems or foliar spray and mixes readily with water, other fertilizers and herbicides. 4 It is 100% biogradeable, non-toxic, and will not harm the environment. It is a biological load of trillions of micro-organisms (beneficial bacteria and fungi) per gram. It has more than 12 of the most needed elements for the normal development of the plant. It is a biochemical substance which includes humic and fulvic acids, as well as auxins, gibberllins, and amino acids, among other growth enhancers. What will LEC (liquid earthworm castings) do for you? It has high chelating qualities which facilitates better uptake of nutrients. This means less use of other fertilizers and more balance in the soil. It improves the physical, chemical, and biological conditions of the soil. It helps the plant handle stress from herbicide, prolonged overdoses of agrochemicals, frosts, droughts, etc. It facilitates the absorption of nutrients by increasing cellular permeability. It stops retro-gradation of cations and releases tied up minerals into soil

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Worm Tea Bags

ALL PURPOSE Liquid worm castings are an all purpose fertilizer and soil enhancer that come to you straight from nature with no alterations or chemical additives.

Our product contains more than 60 beneficial elements needed by all your plants, shrubs, trees, lawns and flowers.

Regular use maximizes growth and promotes vigorous root development

Leading to sturdy plantstock, dense leaf formation and spectacularly colorful, eye-catching blossoms.

"Introductory price" $ 1.99 a bag makes 1 gallon pure worm tea

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